Tuesday, October 4, 2022


Sangbuis! Suaen! Zuan! Luuubu!

I serve you like my head no dey

So you pay me like money no dey

Paa like money no dey you.

I love you like my head no dey

Wey you dawg me like courtesy no dey

Paa like courtesy no dey your family blood.

I respect you like my head no dey

Den you treat me like manners no dey

Paa like manners no dey you.

Sangbuis! Suaen! Szui!  Buuuluu!

Your skin barb you like you no get family.

Abi, you naa talk

Say your family diz you,

Say dem no like your matter den tins

Natin know say sake of your life nko

Abi, like me too I for treat you like your family some

Wey I pity you pe

Ein top you figure say I be dong-gong.

Your family. Abi dem be right.

Sake of I look your morbor noh,

You mon dupe me for top.

Kweh! Zuulu! Buulu. Azui.

And you.

Inter Zimbabwe-Ghana most beautiful gerl

Walkings, one in town

Eyes and forehead, tourist attraction

You beautiful give your beholder pe, den no bro else

Wey me, I no mind.

Natin know say your face saaf fine pass your character

Wey dat one saaf be family asset give you:

Zulu  beauty plus character.

But na I fool

I figure say as you dey so noh, you go stay one man

Say you go dey give me alone.

Your bulu beauty saaf,  wey your matters dey so,

Abi God know wey E make your face so

Wey you sarng fat den lazy join am

Na  me, I no mine.

But you no talk me say your family get monies?

Natin know say your uncle nya buy Sanya motorbike pe

That be all.

Suihn. Piiiinngh. Twchear. Korh.

But dem all no pain me like dat one:

Atadi Komi Korkuvi too!

I shock-shock saaf. He too see my face Jhorhn!

Me, I see you wey I respect you-aa

Natin know say you figure say . . .

I know say you no be person wey dem for respect

Say like I mon treat you like nemibeku

Wey I handle you like emperor: my crime.

So you wonder if I craze

Or e be say I fool

The respect plenty pass your level

So you figure say I fool.

Wey you treat me so.

I no bore.

So that is how the world works

In our immediate  feelings, our shock lurks

To be betrayed by a social contact, a thing that irks

But that is how the world works.

So, I no bore yet! Just thinking aloud!

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