Tuesday, October 4, 2022



Like seriously? Why you mon bore?

Dat one krãa go make dem do am de more

Wey your feelings all go turn sour

Den your whole mind go dey  go go tour

Wey e be mistakes you go dey make de more

E be true say anger get hin own home

Dat be fools dema bosom

Wey e fit dey increase like Bayport loan

Wey e go dey appear for your every tone

Shun anger den save your bone.


Ah! You mon wise up.

If you serve some bro

Wey e mistreat you-aa

You no knõw what you mon do?

Wire am Kweku Ananse levels

Da be where you go spy say e yawa you

Sake of you make your body dong-gong give am

You do dis dia,

Den you den am all go wise up.

You wise up dia,

You no go bore again.

You no bore again dia,

You no go make stupid mistakes.


Abi, you dey craze!

Shoddy dawg you-aa,

Den you bore den dey diz-diz am so.

Haha, I laugh enter Mahama dumsor inside.

E be say you marry am?


You dey take advantage of somebro ein daughter

Ein eye tear early wey she dzemi lef you-aa

Wey your eye red so.

Go search your body for answers.

You no go biz your body why gerls  dey lef-lef you?

E be sey doctor prescribe am give you alone?

Go see dat doctor again-erh.

But you no knõw say gerl dawg you-aa

She save you from troublems?

She fine-oo, she no fine-oo she dawg you gorng!

Wey she carry ein body go so.

E go pain your skin dier.

You trust your body den your morf-aa

Carry your body den mouth go crorsh your match:

Some dey Legon, Central den Ashesi

You no get some for der-aa

Go Law School for Makola


As for Atadi-Komi-Kokuvi,

He do am for you

Like he dey my brain.


Man wey you dey worship am like God-aa

What you dey expect?

E be say e teach you say

You mon wise up.


There’s no need to be angry and over reactive

You are either right or wrong.

If you are right, do you need anger to prove it?

And if you’re wrong, do you need anger to supplement your shortfall?

Remember: he who angers you for a minute

Controls your whole life for a minute or more

The choice is yours.

But like seriously….

Why you mon bore?


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