Tuesday, October 4, 2022


Kersten come succeed Kwame wey she happy waa. But dat ting happen dem times wey dema poppy travel go peace-keeping. In fact, e be de old boy wey make wey Kersten fall give Kwame but de wey ein daughter dey die give de nigger san bore am, and dat be why e do what e do noh. But as Kersten poppy dey do de tings, Kwame talaku dey watch am; e be one ting perh wey he talk,  but de old boy no take am serious biaa. Kwame say “Sir, time go come wey you go talk true”. Dat be de day after de party.

Dat evening wey Kwame lef, de old boy come house wey e start laf Christy say anorda ein boys sang mess up. De two girlies just keep quiet dey laf am. But as de old boy go Facebook, e be der e sors  say de boy be Kersten ein move wey e never understand, so e no believe. De two daughters all laf dema poppy for capital letters inside for Facebook. But de old boy want talk say he like de Kwame guy ein vim, smartness den creativity. Dat be why Kersten fall give am. But e take dem two years to start someting serious.

As de old boy dey come travel noh, dem times wey Kersten dey Level 100 for Legon. Kwame dieer, e dey Korle-Bu Medical School already wey he be de ogboro for dema class. He take ein time teach Kersten saa wey de girl come bing for de Biological Science inside. By de time Kersten poppy go come back from peacekeeping den ein daughter dey Korle-Bu Medical School. Kersten mommy dieer she know say e be Kwame ein effort, so she no dey joke wif Kwame.

De whole time all wey Kwame ron de Kersten girl noh, he no chew ein  morf self before. Dat be what Kersten plus Christy den dema mommy all no understand. For Kersten  ein brain inside noh, she go love marry Kwame but she shock sey de nigger  no dey make dos moves wey guys dey do like e wan chop am den tings. One day self he come bed Kersten ein der for hostel but noting. Wey more times she too dey bed ein der or he  go dey der till gbeke ting but aya man no dey biz until one day wey Kersten wan talk sey Kwame ein  elements no dey job. He dey de road top wan prove am wrong but as Kersten see say e be mistake she talk norh wey Kwame shun.

Well, wonders no fit end. De day be Christy den Kersten dema berfday wey dema poppy organize party give dem wey Kwame too go de party unders some. E be dat dema house norhh. De party dey go on dey go on wey time come catch   Christy den Kersten for come make speech. Christy do ein own finish, no bro listen to am self. She be law student wey she begin plus some law jargons. Dat be what self wey bore amanfuor. Kersten grap mike-aa, everybro dey listen. She talk-aa wey she talk say she wan tank ein boyfriend,  Kwame say e fit help am like de way Jack help Rose for Titanic inside. Dat be where Kersten dema poppy bore wey e close de party.

Later for arbitration cum Marshall Court dat night, Kersten den ein mommy no take am easy from dis man kraa-oo. De old boy wan talk say Kersten be bad influence for Christy ein top from dema kiddie time wey e be dat day before e dey see. E san talk say e be dema mommy wey dey supervise all dos tins. Everybro shock because all along noh, Kersten be dema poppy ein pet. Dem dey de meeting unders wey dema mommy put for dema wassap group chat page say she sors say de old man booze so make nobro no talk anyting dat night. E be tree of dem perh wey dey dat page: Christy, Kersten den dema mommy. Kersten no wan listen. She talk ein poppy say girlie wey chop 23 wey e dey Medical School dieer e no see weytin wrong if she get boyfriend. Dema fada sang bore but at de end of de day, he no beat nor shoot anybro. De final ting e come talk say if Kersten get boy self-aa, dat no for be de first time wey he for dey hear. But de truf be say, all along noh, na he figure say Kwame be Christy ein guy wey dey help Kersten small-small. So e pain am say dem fit trick am all along.  Dema mommy tell dem say make dem no talk Kwame anyting wey dem too dem no blow am noting about de wahala.

But de following day wey de matter all come spoil. Kwame already sors sey de old boy bore plus am so like e no wan come dema house again until maybe de old boy naa invite am like e do once-bi before. But Kwame dey come take ein brand-new Samsung tablet wey she lef for Christy ein dere de previous day.    Dat morning, he come meet de old boy for de gate. De matter wey bore de old boy pass be say, he figure say Kwame dey come see Kersten but e dey loy say e be Christy ein der e dey come. He talk to de Kwame guy roff-roff den promise am say e go treat am like dog wey dey come after ein cherished egg,  if he de Kwame guy san come dema house again. De Kwame guy talk am say de tablet be brand new; e be de previous day norrrh wey e tear de rubber for ein moff so e dey want am give ein daughter-aa, e take dash am. Kwame talk so norhh we e lef. Dat be de last time de two men meet before de storm.

Later kraa before Kwame come hear say de old boy say e go use national security devices deal wif am, if he, de Kwame guy near Kersten again. Kwame too be an only child so e lef de Christy-Kersten concert party under give dem. He den de two girls dey communicate but e manage say dem no meet am again till de day de old boy drop de flowers wey Kersten ein best friend step for dema top.

E be Lady Sankwas ein berfday. She be de girl wey dey de self-contained private hostel inside wey she dey pay in dollars. De place be foreing post-gra people dema hostel but de rumour be say ein sugar daddy-bi mana get am give am. A girl at 26. She dey drive VW GOLF 4. She dey Level 4 oha wey e be grace wey she go take finish de course because she no dey learn. She get guys we dey screw am: sugar daddy for sustenance, course mate for assignments, lecturer for grades, mechanic for service den some guy be wey dey drive MTN pick-up. As Sekyiwa talk Kwame say make dem go Sankwas ein dere noh, Kwame no wan go because e talk sey de last berfday event e go noh, e regret am. Kwame regret am but e no happen so-a, Sekyiwa wey be Kersten ein best  friend no go fit get chance console Kwame saa so sey e go come grab am wey dem dey go marry at de end of de year. So finally dem go Sankwas ein der. Sankwas de Champion talk everybro say she no dey. E be so she talk porters self wey she bribe dem.   She come down come pick Kwame den Sekyiwa for porters lodge perh wey she quench ein fons all except de number wey de sugar daddy go reach am for top.

Dem do dema play tins finish wey Kwame go stand for de porch dey look de car park. Before e go see norrrrrh, dat Renault Laguna come pack with loud music. He shock but e no talk notin. E be dere norrh wey Sankwas get up go washroom. Abi she understand dada. Dat be where Kwame sors sey he be Lady Sankwas, de Champion Lady, ein  shareholder some.  Kwame dey watch am as he commot de car inside den carry de tins, bang den lock de car door. Abi e be tird floor.

E no cher bia wey e hear footsteps; he know dos footsteps waa. Dem gree say Kwame go play tricks plus de man, but Sankwas no know what she dey bargain for. Sekyiwa too know say Sankwas get sugar daddy-bi but she no know say e be ein best friend, Kersten dema poppy. But as Sankwas talk say de man be funny but kind and jealous noh, dem say Kwame fit go ahead den play tricks on am small. Bingo!

De old boy knock de door norrh wey Kwame gbele de door for ein face. De man no dey uniform inside but Kwame salute am.

“Yes Sir, you’re welcome, Sir.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

De old boy ein voice go because ein troat dry.  He conf.  He no know what he go talk again. Kwame wan shake hands wif am but de man no fit. He shock pass everytin wey ein hands too be full so he get better excuse . Brand new tings zalaaa.

“How may we help you Sir?”

“AKB 303. Is it?”

“You can’t miss it.”

“I want to be sure.”

Now de old boy ein voice  go kraa, but anytime Kwame dey laf, e too dey laf join am so Sekyiwa den Sankwas figure sey de two men dey have nice time. Dem no know say Kwame dey torture de old boy wey e dey talk true. Kwame tell am say he, de old boy no go fit make mistake for dat room ein number; de room wey ein einself pay for wey he be de first man wey bed de room dieer… Kwame no be sure of what e dey talk but e just wan yawa de paddy because ein time come. Dat be where de flower den some tins drop fall for ground. One of de tings make some “paa” sound so say de girlies figure say Kwame dey benefit some slap. E be dere de two girls come out-aa, Kwame dey laf wan enter some national guinee fowl farm inside for Dumsor City for Akosombo.

Sekyiwa see de old boy norrh wey e shout. De man wan put up some Dutch confidence but ein wits lef am.

“So where is your wedding ring?” Kwame dat-oo.

“So sir, you can afford all these and a car but cannot pay air fare for Christy?”

“Sekyiwa, please leave us alone.” Sankwas want bore.

De fight wan turn Sekyiwa den Sankwas dema own. De argument wan make hot. Sankwas start push Sekyiwa from de room wey Sekyiwa come step for Sankwas ein berfday flowers top.

“Mr Mensah, Kersten will hear of this,” dat be Sekyiwa ein pledge.

“I can explain.”

“You fit explain weytin?” Kwame dey do anoder damage.

“You see, e be wrong ….  you got it all wrong,” de old boy dey try talk.

“Wrong what?”  Kwame de quiz master on fleek.

Kwame get upper hand now. He just dey biz-biz questions.

“Wrong address, I guess”. Kwame biz again wey e no werj any answer. Crowd start dey form for de room ein morf because Sankwas start create scene.

“Kwame, you guys get it all wrong”, dat be de old man.

Kwame laf am some queer laf;  wey as Sekyiwa take Kwame ein hand wey dem  dey lef noh, de old boy conf more. He just start tink about what he go talk ein wife and children norhh wey Kwame remind am “You go talk true.”

…….the end.

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