Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Avu-Koklo !

Some menners wey dey dis world so,

Wey dem  dey walk-a walk-a

Like dem be dorng-gorng

Na e be so norhh dem  dey love.

Dem people we be free for heart-a

Dema love be pure

Like pre-galamsy Pra River

Huge like Kilimanjaro for Afadjato ein place

You no know?

You mon know

Say de way you dey norh,

You figure say everybro dey like you

Ein top people fit shock you,

If dem no do sometin de way…

De very way wey you you go do am.

But dos dong-gong lovers no be miaaaow, wae

Dem no be kese, dadivi or avuvi.

Dem dey reason.

You push dem away perh, you no go see dem again.

Sake of man no be avukoklo.