Tuesday, October 4, 2022

The Christmas Break (Part 1)

When Davies pulled out for a third time   that  night,   Adriana felt some  sweet excruciating  pain and let out a sanctimonious babble of religious tonguing, taking the name of the Lord her God, but one was unable to say whether  or not it was in vain. The moralists were not invited because the instance was one of immeasurable sweet pain. She was still in her stupor though.

Hours later, she opened her eyes, roused herself and felt wetness at one corner of her mouth, it was flowing so she shut her mouth on impulse. Then the obvious: the back of her hand visited   the scene and ascertained it was a sticky bodily fluid. It’s some oral secretion. The specimen was transported for olfactory authentication: alcohol stained. She performed the mythical uvula-tonsil breath test: hypothesis corroborated. She  again opened her eyes and reckoned she was in a room, though unfamiliar, reminded her of Josephine, her boyfriend’s sister. She had unconsciously changed her sleeping place without assigning any reason to herself for that unassigned assignment. She was still bland upstairs.

She attempted rising but felt too tired, the numbness was too overwhelming.  She moved her members: intact. She did not suffer a fracture. Thank God.  She looked around the room and satisfied herself she was not in a hospital ward. Where was she? She felt an ooze trailing Davies’ tissue, as if she knew Davies’ guilt yet.  She figured out the date – December 25. She was expecting her visitors though, her monthly salary. That should be ok. After all, she went out prepared for them. She called out to Josephine and was answered by a sweet voice. The addressee indeed sounded like Josephine. “That’s ok. I just want to be…..” that was all she could say for then.

Adriana went back to sleep and when she woke up finally she was conscious enough to realize she was in the bed of a strange man and not Josephine’s. She was in a full complement of her birthday dress! That was strange but better than what she was about to learn. Her host was the only male cousin of the boyfriend of 12 years from whom she had broken up the previous night, Christmas Eve. That’s not too bloodcurdling. The dread was that she had discovered on Christmas Day that she had been raped in her stupor by whomever she was yet to find out did it, that’s if she’d be courageous enough to investigate. The most appalling part was her virginity, something she had kept for three good decades. “Jesus!” she shouted and passed out.

It all began the previous evening when she visited Eric, her boyfriend. It was an unannounced visit, and she could not fathom why Eric decided to be extra nice to her. For all Eric knew, Adriana was on her way to Takoradi and they spoke when she got to Cape Coast less than two hours earlier. Her intuition told her all was not well, so when Eric proposed sitting outside instead of relaxing in the room, she knew something was amiss. She was happy Eric did not carry his smart phone; he was holding his yam instead. She quickly went through some processes on her phone and blocked Eric’s yam line. She had earlier diverted Eric’s calls from that primary business number to her phone in case Eric’s phone became unreachable; that was the genesis of a black 24th night. Evelyn’s text message meant for Eric came straight to Adrianna’s phone minutes later. She read it and showed it to Eric; Eric  went mad, raving mad.

……………….to be continued.