Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Christmas Break 3

Adriana saw stars as the slap landed across her temple, no false landing. There was no slip about its severity because Erica, Eric’s elder sister, monitored her photographer from the CCTV cameras which fed images into a device in the bedroom. She, indeed, was ready for Adriana. The maddening  part of it was when Adriana went to the police station to report the slap as assault, and the 23 year old female officer on duty asked her dreamily to describe the stars after quizzing  her how many stars in all she saw during the slap.

“Naniamah!” Erica cursed.


“Who’re you fooling?”

The utter of sorry infuriated Erica the more. So before Eric came to her rescue, she benefited unparried bashing, thrashing buffeting and a knockout, all blows precisely delivered and landed with passionate hate. It was a combination of left and right jabs and hooks. She was not shocked as she knew Erica had held her in her hate for long. Adriana felt putting on weight only in the face, and it was exponential. All neighbors, relatives and friends who heard about Adriana’s ordeal chorused she never would learn her lesson.

It was this same Adriana Erica had defamed for flirting at an airport in Japan two years earlier. According to Erica, the only thing Adriana did not do with guys was banging, but was doing every other unfaithful act including double timing.  However, all the allegation and its cosmetic evidence turned out to be false. She did not apologize. Thereafter, Erica forced Eric to break up with Adriana, actually it was an order cum threat, but Eric was not bothered.

Earlier, Erica had invited a Cuban friend into the country, drugged her with Spanish fly and set her loose on Eric, making sure her kid brother was tipsy from an aphrodisiac. Later that day, she went around pretending she wanted to make amends with Adriana and invited her over. The unpretentious Adriana  was more green; she did not know she had to be careful with  the new tricks of an old enemy, so she came in her avoidable blind oblivion, grinning from ear to ear how Erica loved her.

Erica then told Adriana to go catch Eric who was alone watching an adult movie in his room. She burst into the room and caught Eric acting rather than watching an adult movie.  The Cuban friend spent the whole Christmas break in the house, though Eric had nothing to do with her for the rest of her stay. That was exactly a year ago.

In her dreams, thoughts and purposes, Erica thought she had severed ties between Eric and Adriana, but indeed, such a resolve so remained only on a wish list. Ironically, she rather ended up strengthening the bonds between the two lovebirds. Was that how best to treat her best childhood friend? Was she not the betweener for the two love birds when they were in basic school?

Adriana scored a high before her prospective in-laws when she retreated from Eric’s bedroom saying not a word and patiently waited in the hall. When all was over, she went to the kitchen, prepared Eric’s favourite meal and served him in that bed; they both ate together actually. She then turned to Erica’s whore and addressed her: “Madam Visitor, what shall I offer you?” Of course, she did not reply. The following morning, she changed their sheets and did the laundry. These acts, according to Eric’s mother, made Adriana her number one choice of wife for her son. When Papa Right, Erica’s father heard these, he rebuked his children for treating Adriana the way they did. Erica’s mother told her daughter to the face that her scheme was a disgrace to womanhood.

Adriana then became the pet of her in-laws to-be for being mature and responsible, and this golden opinion of hers before her in-laws had kept her in the game till that night.

As fate would have it,  Erica finally hired Davies, gave him Spanish fly pro, drugged him and asked him to dedross and devirginize Adriana. That was after they had left the police station.

………………..to be continued.