Tuesday, October 4, 2022

The Christmas Break -5 (The End)

There was everything wrong about Davies: his shirt, hair, demeanour and everything one could think of ever. Adriana’s main tragic flaw of the evening was that she allowed the fear of losing David’s company rule her, so she lived that fear until she was raped. The lull in the storm was when Davies excused them and picked a call; she was in a way relieved . When he returned, he sought their permission to attend to something rather urgent. But it was all a stage-managed a lie.

The phone call came from Erica so he went. Erica laid a plan and suborned Davies to hatch it. See, Erica and Adriana were close ever so the former knew how to debauch the latter and she used this knowledge through Davies, her cousin. As Eric’s mother put it, “blood is thicker than water”. So it was near Legon police station that Davies was bribed to go dope and deflower Adriana, and he did.

When Davies returned, Adriana was acting mad. She had had more alcohol than her system could manage. David did all the prevention but she insisted on drinking away the sorrow of the evening. So she wore on sore all the more. Eventually, David drove her to her Kisseman home and bade her goodbye in the company of Davies. Minutes later, Davies returned to her, having secured her spare key, and said he had come to ensure she ate something for supper. He said he cared about her more than anyone else. Even in her stupor, she managed still to say that she was aware Davies was capable of everything, including anything evil, and she was right. She added that she did not believe Davies was capable of any form of  civil conduct or credibility. So she staggered to tower over the diminutive Davies as he concocted a drink for her. She did not trust him but was just choosing the better of two evils.  And she was wrong- stomach ulcer was better than rape. She thought that Davies might not drug her in her own room but again, she thought wrong.

As if by some magic, she felt a bit relieved after drinking Davies’ tea. Then he would lead her on. Davies told her there was a new brand of energy drink in her refrigerator, which was capable of sobering her in minutes. She did not know he had brought a similar drink already laden, so she fell for that frippery. He went to her kitchen and emerged minutes later with the drink. A woman’s intuition told her she was about to swallow the wrong substance but she steeled herself against accusing an old enemy turned   “good” Samaritan. Though her olfactory nerve centre flagged no barbiturate,  she was right. She still protested but Davies won her over with a feigned anger. He drank a quarter of the drink himself in a bid to prove a point and was leaving when Adriana apologized and gulped down the rest. They chatted for only minutes when Adriana said she felt like vomiting. That was it!

After vomiting, he warmed her bath for her and stayed in the hall while she bathed. Then doping continued. He administered on her another dose, assuring her that she was going to vomit again after which she would be alright. That’s where he had her in   tow. After downing three intermittent gulps, she felt drowsy and horny, the last picture she could vividly remember.

It’s so dramatic. Davies propped her against himself and drove her to his place in her own car assuring her that  he would like her to spend the night in his house where his sister would take care of her since that day was her first time of getting drunk to that level. Done deal.

Now, it’s morning and there she lay, robbed. She knew only a miracle or some organ malfunction could prevent her from contracting some STI. So the Christmas break for that season meant three things for her and more: a holiday, loss of Eric and loss of her virginity. For now, she’s ambivalent about the way forward: vengeance or forgiveness. Until that hour came, she lay in Davies’ bed, naked!