Tuesday, October 4, 2022


It was 6 in the morning

Scapula, sign of the cross, knees kiss floor

Hands together, eyes closed.

Whisper, talk, prattle, decibellable tonguing…

I claim, I declare, I command,

A job, money, wife.



It was 2 hours after noon,


How are you ‘unfasting’ people?

Joe, did you fast today?

My Lord said, the Lord says, my Father said, the Word of God says…

My people, the Lord cometh!


It was 2 hours after sunset.

A quarrel with a co-cotenant over funeral contribution:

God is not a god of the dead!

Mourn with those who mourn!


It was 4 hours after sunset,

A   sister is dozing in the davenport

Sister Awo, please go home.

No. I’m feeling sleepy la…

The more reason you should leave.

I’ll lose the sleep when I walk home.


Pastor is in his house. Don’t you claim things ever?



Five minutes after midnight,

A new sponge, a new towel outdoored.


Seventy-four minutes after midnight,

Two bedrooms in a single room: settee an independent room

Fine music: masculine snoring and feminine sighing for two hours.


At three in the morning, splatter on the roofs till daybreak!

Unity of bedrooms, with a pillow boundary.

I’m cold

Use the blanket

Not enough heat


Snoring resumes.

Bro James, care you not that I perish of cold?

Turn and look upon poor sister.

The turn of the turning James and James’ eyes

A damsel in birthday attire.

Claim whatever you see.


Save me Lord!

Afraid James

Saliva meal.


The beast with two backs


Little James captured,

Tortured in dark cave

Little James vomits

Little James pulled out, weak.



But I thought you fasted today.

And I had thought you swore you were sanctimonious,

And I had thought you wouldn’t.

A sanctimonious carabinieri holiness,

Thank you, anyway.

Ooopsh! God save my soul!

E be God you go bell?