Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Kiss the Blade 1



Took her from a place I ain’t know

She belongs with me, ain’t really have a place to go

it’s this life she leads

she likes to hold hands, from bloke to bloke


She loves the romance, she ain’t felt it before

Only ever been used, a tissue that’s never been thrown

Might as well get something out of the pain too,

She ain’t known nothing else


Verse 1

I was a man a-mission somebody else’s pistol

He had his hand on my trigger, went wherever he wished

But this time I was sent, not the first time; he aimed direct 

But the shot was deflected, hit the knife that she kept


I was intrigued, I’d never seen a knife so strong outright 

a knife that wasn’t afraid to live the life of plight’s delight


But then I watched her fall 


It was there I decided to take a full form 

poor thing, left alone, she looks so small

But he likes a weapon. Bring it to me. That’s no question;

We went hand in hand, I’d thought she liked the mirage 


We would talk: I’d treat her well, keep her clean in the bath

She gave a certain feel to my heart a feel of security 

I had no other demand except that she would be with me

My friend and my lover; she was my exotic resort


We could lay in the sun

Although she was so cold she had a hard exterior

I couldn’t get in-tears-with-her

that’s why I had no fear with her 


I had to be as hard as her

Prove I was different to get in gear with her

I needed to be with her

I wanted to be with her



Kiss the blade

Just kiss the blade (x?)

(She wants you)

[. . . to be continued]



Artistes: *Mubarak Pleh Jaye [The BlitZ Rapper] & Kweku Shakespeare

Mubarak is student of University of Essex (England)

He is a British citizen who loves to spend his summer in Liberia. He is creative writer, rapper, poet and many more.



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