Verse 2

I know her story. She does what she must 

she’s sick and horny, loves love and lust

Well I want to help you; I want to save you

I want to use you; I want to play you


Cause you get around, and that’s way too much 

always looking around to use someone

yeah it’s your only way I know you live in a rut

Well after we are done I’m going to look after you, hun


You’ve driven in lust more than once 

And you use love (to) forget what you’ve done

Maybe it’s time I give you something different

Something to depend on something that assists you


I ain’t like those other niggas 

just trying to constantly stick you

Those niggas are happy killers

They don’t know what passion is 


I can show you


That night I kissed the girl, but because he pulled the trigger

And stuck her right in me, she didn’t resit… she left the mark

Took the blade out after stabbing my heart.  I’m a mark

I need tell the difference between that blade and the girl


and then he put me away drop me in his pockets

put her in with me chargers in the sockets

Through out that night she whispered to me

(Through out that night she whispered to me)


She called my name. I felt her, just poke me

Get up and play I thought you weren’t a joke 

This is a card game. Do you want to be in the deck

Or do you want to be the one to point a gun at someone’s head?


I need some love I need something. 

I’m dying here and you’re so pistol whipped

I’m going to give you what you want I’ll give you what you need

I stuck a knife in his back and I fled the scene



See he told me she’s only looking for another piece 

she want’s to shoot every little thing

So now I want you to hurt her 

If you don’t pull the trigger I’ll burn her


I gave her a couple shots she’s still hard

she asked “When can I get a little love ?”

I’m going to give you exactly what you want I’m going to give you what you need

I stuck a knife in his back and I fled the scene

[the end]

Artistes: *Mubarak Pleh Jaye [The BlitZ Rapper] & Kweku Shakespeare


Mubarak is student of University of Essex (England)

He is a British citizen who loves to spend his summer in Liberia. He is creative writer, rapper, poet and many more.