Tuesday, October 4, 2022

The Unfaithful Spouse- Part 4 [Illegal Suspense]


Curiosity had the  better part of me because I became restless in the kitchen. Faïda saw it but played smart. She allowed me to stew in my own pot. I wished she could ask me what the issue was but all this was a vain wish. I could have rather waited for Christmas. I raced to the bathroom to place six un-answered calls to Evans’s phone. When I returned, Faïda had left the kitchen. I was oblivious of the fact that Evans’ phone was with Faïda.

When eventually Evans returned to the house again, alone, Faïda asked him to answer his missed calls before going back. He unlocked the phone in the presence of Faïda and that was it. He checked only to learn all calls were from me; his face dropped. I wish he could at least answer my calls or messages. Faïda couldn’t understand Evans’  unexpected mood polarity and was sure to investigate.

Evans pocketed his phone and was about to leave when Faïda tasked him to do something for her again, I didn’t know what. I was monitoring them from the kitchen. I now sent him a text and on the sound of the alert beep, he removed the phone to check who. Worse, on his next exit, he inadvertently left the phone on the table right under Faïda’s nose.

. . . to be continued

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