Sunday, October 2, 2022

Let the blood flow!

A spring is due, due in its season
The land can no longer hold it,
It has welled within its belly,
It has welled within its head,
It has welled within its arteries…
For days, nights and a tenure.

Let the spring break forth and flow
Let the spring, the blood… the blood of the land
The blood of the land flow from the land
on the land, in the land and in the land
Let the blood flow!

It is time for cleansing
The land is too dirty
Let it cleans itself with a spring from within

Let the blood break forth and cleanse the land
There should be no stopping it!

The time is now!
Cleanse famine, cleanse hunger… cleanse all
Let’s calculate not the velocity
Let there be aquatic revolution
Let there be a spring!

Dear spring, erupt with gush,

Fear not tree,  nor shrub, no herb
Bring down and uproot every dirty dirt
Clear the topmost surface dirt first
Let the spring flow
Let the blood flow.

Say we’re morborful:
Perched atop resources but hungry,  True.

Sitting on water but thirsty!

Dear Magma,

Spring forth in anger
Hot anger!
Send for the spring to execute the needful
Dislodge the blockade in the pipeline

For we are thirsty.
We are famished, we are cadaverous
We are haggard…

We have you but are hungry
You don’t own chorna and go to bed hungry
Blood, flow- revolution come
Change the fluid dynamics
Assassinate if you must, but  murder not!

Dislodge the thin film of dirt

that patches the earth’s prestigious crust
touch not the Worst but spare not the best
Assassinate, if you must But thou shalt not murder!