Thursday, December 1, 2022

Soleil Africain

Break of day…
He is up, hot and long-lasting.
Your long shaft reaches every corner
your reach is clouded with a sweet pain
when we sense a withdrawal

but yet momentarily.

Your long shaft-like rays you engage,
when you roast Earth with a thrust force
taking a breather when  permitting a downpour

yet soon do you resume.

You use your tongue-like shaft
 to lick dry the wet earth
a ploy to make Earth the wetter.

You tickle with a lick to arouse haze;
when it rises and reaches a metrological crescendo,
it returns to us as rain
only to make you feel good licking again.

Oh! Mr Soleil Africain,
what can we do
without your daily visit here?
The one whom we remember in cold weather
and at night when long gone
your sweet memories can be felt
till you soon return.

How do you do it?
Tell me…
You’re supposed to reach a climax at noon
But are able to thrust till dusk
how dexterous you are, Soleil Africain!
It’s upon your entrance that children surface

Oh, Soleil Africain!

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