Thursday, December 1, 2022

Third Culture Kids

We are global citizens, citizens of the world!

We can be anywhere, anytime

Today, we’re in Nigeria, because we’re nice and we gel easily

In London tomorrow, not because we’re are long dons

In Jamaica because we’re gems in make up

Haiti because we hate negative isms

Togo because we love to go where we please

Don’t forget Uganda the land of united guardians.

Trust me we are third culture kids,

Parents of tomorrow’s wonder kids

We venture into a pasture of adventure with no puncture

No fracture in our overture


I tell you what

Refusal, rebuttal and approval are not accidental

So when a second culture generation

Has us used, accused, abused and refused

We’re not bemused like a recluse confused:

We are the third culture kids

We’re whole and mow on the go, going home

Home is no joke, I tell ya


Dear contestant,

Welcome to the contest, a test of your zest in a tempest

You’ve got to be a lion like an iron in Zion,

Not an iron like a lion in Zion

If Zion’s lion were an iron

Then we’re in an iron age


But then, don’t be confused though

If the iron in Zion is a lion, then

What makes our lion like an iron in Zion any different from

B Marley’s iron which is like a lion in Zion

When he sang “Iron like a lion in Zion”?

But trust me: we question everything

‘Cos we are the third culture kids!