Thursday, December 1, 2022

Married to solitude

It was not a traditional marriage

Which one had to do with courage

Nor a ceremony of pomp and pageantry

That sometimes smacks off effrontery

Denting someone’s pocket

And later flung into poverty in a thicket 


They met when my friend was alone but not lonely

Not the type who tolerates folly

But the perfect partner was desperate

So had no time to think through

Was all the time very considerate

All high specs and personal taste one withdrew

Just to be with the perfect spec



But there came the time of reckoning

Thinking of how it began in the first place

It was a moment of emotional cloning

It was a negative brace

A false positive chalice, a bait

One fell for a gait

The other the dollar


Couples oceans apart

Dildo and gels are the mediators

Caged in a union

But married to solitude

Because wedding ring is smallest handcuff

Now, it’s game on

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