Thursday, December 1, 2022

The Repast

When the wait is over

When the carping ends in corporate encomiums

And the victim turns victor because the centre can now hold

That is when we shall, with naked eyes, face the naked truth:

If there is something to learn from history,

It is that man never learns from history.


The old axiom:

A wise man learns from his mistakes and a wisest from others’

Only exists in quotes and chambers of memory


When the bridges have been burned in protest

How do we bus lovers and enemies to our celebration?

When we took eye for eye and are now left with only the blind,

Who leads who to our repast?


Do not celebrate with a sharpened axe because you’re the victor

Do not laugh in the sun, Mr Salt

African weather is not an unreliable

Because it’s an consistently inconsistent clock

It’s the only thing that changes, reason we rely on it


When all is over and you’re king

Do you still have brothers and enemies?

A candid enemy is better than a grave, wati